Raising children is one of the greatest challenges and rewards any adult will face. Doing it successfully, and raising children with

  • a positive Attitude
  • good Behaviour and
  • having a great Character

Dr Leman offers a 5-day Action Plan that really works! Have a New Kid by Friday Episode 1 Consequences = I mean business! Episode 2 ABC‘s of Attitude, Behaviour and Character Episode 3 Show me the parent and I‘ll show you the child Episode 4 Developing self-worth in your child Episode 5 So what‘s your Game Plan? If we are are willing to take up the challenge of parenting we can really make a difference in the lives of our children. After all, this is our role. It will result in better relationships with our kids. It will help them develop a positive self-image, great Attitudes, Behaviour and Character! It requires courageous and purposeful, intentional parents. If you want to be one of them, listen to these Programs and change your world – for good!

Other radio programmes you may find helpful: “Responsible Kids: From ‘How?’….to ‘Wow!‘”; “The Five Love Languages of Children“; “How to Drug Proof Your Kids“; “Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down“; “Freedom From Bullying

Some links mentioned in the programmes: Bullying: www.theprotectors.org Keeping Kids Safe Online: www.protectkids.comwww.SafeKids.com How to DrugProof Your Kids: www.family.ie/dpyk