“Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down” provides the tools parents need to underwrite their kids’ lives with a solid sense of self-worth and confidence. Often the very things parents do to develop self-esteem in their children actually does just the opposite. Dr. Leman’s insights help parents avoid that. Some of the topics addressed are:

  • “Oh no, I told myself I would never do that to my kids,”
  • “The crucial difference between praise and encouragement,” and
  • “How to raise responsible children.”

Learn to develop a strategy of discipline that works in any family with any child and how to get the best behavior from each child. Featuring helpful insights such as…The ABC’s of Self Worth

  • Acceptance and Affirmation
  • Belonging
  • Competence

Five “Image Insurance Principles” you can use daily:

  1. Don’t take misbehaviour personally
  2. All behaviour has a purpose
  3. Love them no matter what
  4. Parents don’t own their kids
  5. The tail does not wag the dog