All of us want to build our lives and our future upon solid ground, not sinking sand.
Family is a cornerstone of our life.  We are blessed if we are raised by a caring and nurturing mother and father, and research and plenty of evidence shows us that if we have a choice to make, this is the choice we would make, and a very significant majority aspire to.

How we build upon that “family” cornerstone has important implications for the sort of life journey we will make. We are all learning as we travel through life. One hopes we have the wisdom to learn from others as we travel through the various stages in life.

In building these series of Programmes (of which there are three series of programmes) we interviewed a number of couples who are still raising pre-teens and teenagers, others who have adult children (no grandchildren) and a number who have raised children and are also grandparents.

They have all learned a lot

In this opening series of five programmes, we get to meet most of these couples for the first time, and hear something of their stories of how they met, chose to marry, and have been raising their families. We hope you will enjoy what we have gleaned from their stories …. Enjoy

In Episode 1 – “This is who we are”

We get to meet four of the couples involved in the series

The Programme includes:

  • Contributors giving their backgrounds and rich personal heritage
  • Why they were attracted to one another and chose to marry

In Episode 2 – “The Decision to Get Married”

We hear from some additional couples

The Programme includes:

  • More of couples giving their backgrounds and heritage
  • Several couples speak of the reasons they chose to marry

In Episode 3 – “Influencers who shaped who we are”

Speaking of the people who have influenced and shaped their lives

The Programme includes:

  • How the childhood environment shaped the life choices that were made, including how one couple are now raising their children
  • The strong influence of the family culture and “character” is evident in the our ‘character’ today
  • The significant role Grandparents can play in raising the next generation

In Episode 4 – “Faith – A Major Component in Life and Decisions”

We hear from two of the couples telling how the personal Faith in Jesus Christ – has shaped them

The Programme includes:

  • One couple speaks of being raised in a family with an active faith, and how they embraced this Faith, and it continues to this day
  • Another couple speak of their journey in coming to personal faith in Jesus Christ, and comment upon the significant impact those decisions (in each case) – has had upon them

In Episode 5 – “Building a Lasting Legacy”

In this final episode of Series 1 we hear some research and personal stories about the importance of good decisions and life choices

  • There is a discussion on the significant research undertaken by researcher and author Judith Wallerstein over twenty years – on the impact of divorce upon children
  • The significant role of dad’s in the home is discussed
  • A compelling story of one of our contributors who went to visit the couple who were instrumental in their coming to a living faith in Jesus more than 40 years earlier, and what they found when they met them after 40 years!