Raising healthy and well adjusted boys & girls to become mature men and women does not happen by accident. It requires understanding of your child’s uniqueness, then applying what you’ve learned with patience and diligence. It’s a ‘work’ worthy of our best!Men and women are different. To think otherwise is to do our children a great disservice  in raising them. In these programmes we will be discussing the importance of a clear understanding of the qualities and unique traits that he as a male or she as a female possess. Knowing some of the key characteristics of a boy or a girl, and how they differ helps us raise them healthy.
 The journey to manhood and womanhood is a very real journey, and our sons and daughters are on it. Being an engaged parent makes a world of a difference in their lives.

There are specific ways, attitudes & skills that engaged parents can use to help their child make this transition to healthy adult. Go for it parents!