Heritage Builders A heritage is more that just money or property. It’s a set of spiritual, emotional, and social values that are passed from parent to child. This heritage can be either positive or negative! What will you leave behind?

  • Heritage Builders Programmes: Episode 1. What is a heritage? Every  heritage (whether positive or negative) has three distinct, yet interrelated parts, like a cord with three strands: spiritual, emotional and social. This episode provides a model, a plan that parents can follow. Episode 2. Family Fragrance & Family Traditions How do we create a home environment which fosters an A.R.O.M.A. = Affection, Respect, Order, Merriment & Affirmation Episode 3. The Family Compass Establish a standard or normal, healthy living against which attitude, actions and beliefs are measured.
  • Episode 4. Family Moments Leaving a lasting, positive impression on your children is important if you want to pass on a positive heritage. It is hoped that your children in turn, pass it onto their children.

As mentioned n the Heritage Builders A Child’s ‘Bill of Rights’:

  1. To emotional stability
  2. To live in an affirming Environment
  3. To Pursue their Potential
  4. To Make Mistakes
  5. To Know Truth
  6. To Their Own Free Time
  7. To Receive Nurture and Admonition
  8. To Grow in Responsibility
  9. To Grow in Knowledge
  10. To be Hugged