Is financial contentment really possible in today’s society?

Contentment is being satisfied with one’s circumstances, not complaining, not craving something else, and having a mind at peace. It has three aspects:

Looking back without regret

Looking at the present without envy

Looking to the future without fear.

This definition of contentment has nothing to do with money. A person may have a lot of money or a little money and still miss the whole point of contentment.

Wise King Solomon writes, “Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless” (Ecclesiastes 5:10). Contentment is a learned response. These programmes will help us all to understand what contentment is and learn how to be… content with what we have.There will also be some practical help for those in debt.

Other Helpful info

Financial Freedom

Following these six steps can help start you down the path of becoming debt free:

  1. Have a Written Plan
  2. Determine Essentials for Living
  3. Think Before Buying
  4. Cut up the credit cards
  5. Avoid Leverage
  6. Practice Saving
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