Are you the first born, the baby, or do you have ‘middle-child’ syndrome??? We may not realise it but we are shaped by where we come in the family tree. Where we are in relation to our siblings strongly influences who we become in life. The birth order of our parents is also very important! Understanding the significance of birth-order, and the relationships they have to one another, helps us understand who we are and why we are the way we are.

In these programmes we will explain what “birth-order” is, and how our place in the birth order effects and shapes us. Explaining the characteristics of the 3 types, and the exceptions – will enable listeners to both know themselves and what is going on around them better, in terms of how people ‘are’ and relate to one another. Understanding who we are and how that effects all our relationships is invaluable. Understanding another person’s birth-order and thus how they see the world is also invaluable to help us understand one another. Here are some blog posts with practical tips for parenting different birth orders… 7 Tips for parenting the last born child  5 Tips for parenting the two-child family 8 Tips for parenting firstborn & only children 6 Tips for parenting the middle child