Life is lived in real-time in the home. It is the best and the primary learning environment. We are building the culture for the next generation and for those who will follow them

In these Programmes – there are many valuable lessons shared by experienced parents and grandparents, who through trial and error sometimes and othertimes through great wisdom, have raised a family, and they share that with us here.

The more intentional we are about building strength and resilience into the next generation, and don’t molly-coddle them into not taking responsibility, nor facing reality – the more resilient and better equipped they will be to face the challenges that their generation will face.

Do join us as we get the opportunity to learn well from those who have learned themselves, and then apply that learning to real life.

In Episode 1 – “Family Get-Togethers” – Life involves work and there is no getting around that. When life is ‘shared’ with others and with siblings families – it can really build something valuable – long-term. It involves work and effort, but in the long run – it’s made of the stuff that ‘count’s’ and will be valued for a lifetime

The Programme includes

  • Brothers together – effecting the next generation
  • Choosing friends wisely
  • A welcoming home pays off
  • Family Activities – are really worth the effort

In Episode 2 – “Grandparents and People Who Loved Us” – We remember the people who loved us, built us up and treated us kindly and listened to us. More often than not – those people are our parents and grandparents. Let’s value and appreciate them. They often have sacrificed a lot to get us where we are.

  • People who built us – made us who we are
  • Loving Parents and Grandparents – are invaluable
  • Knowing our parents unconditional love – an anchor for life

In Episode 3 – “Lessons from Childhood” – Our parents nurtured in us a love for ‘something’ and that something often becomes something we value and bless our children with. Family holidays are a prime example, when people have more time for each other. The more we ‘invest’ the greater the return.

The Programme includes

  • “Family Camps” – were truly life building
  • Building life-long relationship and friendships
  • So critical for a father to love the children’s mother – for the whole family
  • Vital we are praying for our children

In Episode 4 – “Lessons Learned from Real Life” – The home is a great centre for learning and there is a whole lot going on and young eyes and ears are ‘learning’ all the time. This includes how we resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise. The home is the place where ‘real’ life is lived out and learned. Its a golden opportunity to teach ‘life’

The Programme includes

  • As a teen – having a ‘mentor’ helped to keep me ‘on-track’
  • Resolving Differences – including marriage ones – real life being learned in the home
  • Parenting being ingrained from childhood
  • Having a dad who was tough but loving – made a man of me. He challenged me to take responsibility.

In Episode 5 – “Some Closing Advice” – In this concluding episode of this 3rd Series We learn some closing lessons from seasoned parents and grandparents. Some valuable lessons are shared here

The Programme includes

  • Building a family culture that is robust – requires work
  • Parenting each individual child according to their character and gifting
  • Food (mealtimes) is a great opportunity to build and sustain relationships over the long term.