Family is a cornerstone building block for society. For a very significant majority of society, our experience of family life has been positive and has a resonance in our memory of good times together, shared with the people who matter most to us.

Life, by its nature has its twists and turn, and living in the reality of this – we need one another. Thank GOD for family – to share this journey with.

In this set of Programmes, our contributors share partly from their own experience both in childhood and in raising their own children, and partly from research and things learned from others – wisdom and valuable insights into what you and I can do to build well – so that we are constructing a strong family in the process.

We can learn from them. I hope you do

In Episode 1 – “Building Strong Relationships” – Our core relationships are key to our identity – of who we are and who we become. Strong relationships provide great bedrock on which to build our life

The Programme includes

  • Strong sibling relationships are invaluable
  • The greatest legacy a parent or grandparent can leave is a living legacy of real Faith
  • My parents taught me a lot about life, and how to live well

In Episode 2 – “Building a Strong Marriage (Part 1 of 2)” – Learning is a lifelong journey

The Programme includes

  • We had a lot to learn when we got married – about ourselves and each other
  • Good input from others – was a great help
  • Love has clearly deepened and become richer over time

In Episode 3 – “Building a Strong Marriage (Part 2)” – Lessons we have learned in the early years of marriage

The Programme includes

  • Resolving our differences and areas of conflict are essential – giving each other room to breathe
  • Sleep (enough of it!) is a great medicine
  • Praying together helps, and seeking and finding the Lord’s help is life’s trials

In Episode 4 – “Through Adversity” – Two families who have been through very challenging life issues and what they have learned

The Programme includes

  • In one case – the depletion of their marriage imperilled their family and their life together, and how the Lord has restored their marriage and family
  • In the other case – through the raising and subsequent loss of a special needs child, they have grown as a family together and love has deepened

In Episode 5 – “Building Robust Families” – In this concluding episode of this 2nd Series We get some great advice on steps we can take

The Programme includes

  • The centrality of food and family ‘traditions’ around some weekly ‘benchmark’ mealtimes as tools in building strong family relationships
  • Taking the job of parenting seriously is very important. You are building the next generation
  • Coaching and mentoring can be invaluable to future growth and maturity – if you choose it.