In these Programmes – we’ll hear from a number of competent experts in the area of managing mental health including our regular contributors – Joy Cantwell Moore and Isla Jeffers, both of whom are Counsellors, and from our own Stephen Cardy. Our main guest is Dr Brenda O’Connell of Maynooth University – a Researcher and Lecturer in Positive Psychology. She is also joined by Tom Griffen a Licensed Psychotherapist, and Author and Pastor Paul Ritchie, both of whom have direct experience in dealing with Mental health issues.

During these Programmes Dr O’Connell speaks about “Positive Psychology” and her research in this area. We will look at Proactively Building Strength through Rest and Quiet. We will tell some stories illustrating actions people took that mattered and made a world of a difference in the lives of others. We also address the reality of poor mental health and what you can do about it, and in the final Episode – we will outline some Building Blocks for Positive Mental Health

In Episode 1 we focus on Dr O’Connell’s research findings in the area of “Positive Psychology”

The Programme includes

  • The research behind Positive Psychology
  • Dr Martin Seligman’s Model called PERMA which he writes about in his book “Flourish” – P.E.R.M.A.  – the building blocks for good Mental Health

In Episode 2 is titled Proactively Building Strength through Rest and Quiet

The Programme includes

  • The value and importance of resting time in our lives
  • Meeting with God day by day, and it’s implications and impact upon our mental health and well-being
  • The importance and value of being able to be quiet

In Episode 3 is titled – “Stories that mattered”

The Programme includes

  • The the story of a lady whose life and marriage changed when she felt prompted to keep a journal of how she felt about her husband, and what had changed
  • Dr Brenda O’Connell comments upon the clinical implications for their mental health that resulted from this lady’s decision to keep this appreciation journal

In Episode 4 is titled “The reality of poor mental health and what you can do about it”

The Programme includes

  • The reality of poor mental health and what you can do about it. The truth is that about 1/3rd of us will have some measure of mental health challenges for a period or periods of time, during the course of our lifetime.
  • While Clinical help is sometimes needed and very beneficial, – more often than not, with the help of family and friends and the process of time, – we press on through those days that have less sunshine! 
  • The prospect that better days lie ahead in the future

Should you feel you would benefit from competent professional help – you can always contact the Samaritans Helpline on 116123 for free, or the HSE Helpline on their freefone service @ 1800 111888

In the final Episode (5) is titled – “Building Blocks for Positive Mental Health”

The Programme includes

  • Dr Brenda O’Connell talks about the significance of our choices about how we live, She also addresses the evidence – based upon empirical research –  showing that having an attitude of gratitude can profoundly benefit your mental health.
  • Joy Cantwell Moore who gives some great examples from her work as a Counsellor with Adults in a classroom setting , and how a positive attitude can really benefit others.
  • We get clear advise from Dr Brenda on how we can live day by day to develop mental strength and resilience by practicing an attitude of gratitude
  • Evidence shows the I can increase my sense of well-being or happiness by 25% in 10 weeks and I can get started right away. WHAT AN EXCITING PROSPECT …. Praise God for such relevant and compelling advise on THANKFULNESS and GRATITUDE