In these Programmes – Our main guest is Katharine Hill the UK Director for Care For The Family based in Cardiff in Wales – an author and well known personality in relation to caring for the family. Katharine has featured in other series of Programmes featured on

She was interviewed by our own Stephen Cardy about her recent book “Left To Their Own Devices ? Confident Parenting in a post pandemic world of screens”. Author Rob Parsons OBE says in his forword to the book “The world of screens that we live in today presents us with far greater challenges. As parents, we must help our children make full use of all the advantages of digital technology, as well as safeguarding them from the potential dangers.”

We are also joined in this series by Stuy Wilson of ZestLife Theraputic Services whose expertise is legendary and his contribution to our programmes adds to that of Katharine Hill – to help the listener navagate the new terrain of the use of technology in the home – in ways that are helpful and appropriate

As always, we are joined by an audience panel of experienced parents who add to the conversation with their relevant experience and input. We are priveleged to have Barry Condon along with Farad and Fiona Raisa on these programmes, adding colour and texture to the expert input of Katharine and Stuy.

We trust you will find the following content both interesting and helpful in equipping you to navigate the opportuities and challenges of todays technology, and how you can live together as a harmonious family, watching out for each other as we journey through life together

This is a summary of the content of the five programmes

In Episode 1 – “Technology is here – Lets agree some basics” – We are introduced to Katharine who speaks about her reasons for writing this latest book, and outlines some Key’s to the use of technology in the home and in life generally..

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The Programme includes

  • Devices – Technology is here to stay – Making good use of tech
  • Boundaries and Parenting – Set in the context of Relationship.
  • Parenting Styles and the “Family Media Agreement”- Katharine’s Top Tip – A Seat-Belt not a Straight-Jacket
  • A Social Media Contract creates Safety too
  • Setting Boundaries for use of Social Media
  • Blended families, Grandparents etc – Respecting Parents Values and Boundaries

In Episode 2 – “Managing the Use of Tech and Social Media” – We continue the conversation with Katharine who gives 3 x simple guideline for the management and use of Technology in the home. We’ll also be joined by Stuy addressing the same set of issues based upon his experience in Ireland, and in the third segment we will get some sensible feedback from the audience panel, based upon their experience and what they have heard from Katharine and Stuy

  • Katharine – Screen Time – 3 x Simple Guidelines for managing
  • Stuy – Screen-time, Bedtime, Hormones, Managing yourself and your kids
  • Farad & Fiona – Good Sensible Use of Social Media

In Episode 3 – “The Impact of Tech on our brains and sleep” – We continue the conversation with Katharine where she unpacks the impact that our IT Devices have upon our brains. This becomes a critical issue for teens whose brains are developing at a significant rate during these years, and the draw of social media being very powerful – means that sleep – which is critical for our health and well being – can be compromised, and lead to unhealthy lifestyles and development. Katharine speaks of the research on this and explains how important it is for parents to set reasonabble boundaries on the use of tech devices, especially when it comes to nightime, and the need for good sleep.

The Programme includes

  • The impact of our devices on our brains and what happens when there is a lack of sleep at night
  • No Phone in bed at night due to how it effects sleep
  • Honest challenges around not having the phone at night
  • Screen time is not as valuable as face to face time – Attachment Theory and Screen time – not as valuable as face to face time
  • Grooming and Sharenting – Some advise

In Episode 4 – “Tech is valuable for connecting but relationships are deeper” – We continue the conversation with our listener panel about the advise from Katharine in the previous programme about helping teens understand the importance of considering carefully what and why they post information on line, and the impact it can have on their future, and they go on to draw out the point that it is never too late to have conversations on these topics 

The Programme includes

  • Posting On-Line – Caution – Relationships should guide conversations on this
  • Research on tech – are teens more sociable or less ?
  • Back to the Table – Family Mealtimes = Connection (very valuable)
  • Tech – Tech Owners dont allow their own children
  • Teach your children to check facts

In Episode 5 – “Some Caution on the use of Tech. Be involved with your children” – We continue the conversation with Katharine Hill, the UK DIrector of Care For the Family where she continues to unpack her findings from her research contained in her book “Left To Their Own Devices” – She speaks about Social Media and its targetted impact into the life of the user – of all ages, and she gives us her 3x C’s for assessing Media Content

The Programme includes
  • Impact of ‘Likes’ on Social Media and Targetting by Social Media Co’s
  • Safeguards Online and 3x C’s for assessing Media Content
  • Porn is pervasive and the dangers of getting drawn into danger – Caution Parents
  • Gaming positives and Negatives – Equipping our children to be discerning
  • Teaching our children to make good choices
  • We (parents) are learning. Get the Aps and see how they work
  • Tech is targeting our children – Take stock, be involved