Do you ever wonder if there’s any hope? If true love really exists… in a world so wrapped up in lust? If you’re a woman—even if you’re already married–maybe you’ve shut the doors to your heart. But deep down, you know that “this is not how life is supposed to be.” There are so many women who have these kinds of questions–but don’t know where to go—or who to ask. Juli Slattery is an internationally known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcaster.

In mid-2012, she co-founded the organisation known as “Authentic Intimacy.”  Juli visited in October of 2012, for her first “women only” event in Ireland. As no doubt you’ll hear, she’s not afraid to talk about the “tough” topics: Recovering from sexual abuse, what research shows on the effects of pornography, healthy ways to “spice up” your marriage—and many others. Listen in, as Heather Walsh had an opportunity to sit down with Juli for a very candid conversation about “Authentic Intimacy