We know the financial situation in Ireland has had a serious impact on many families. This series of programmes will deal with various financial issues, including new legislation & the Irish experience within the modern European and international context. There’ll be real-life stories of people who will tell how they have been affected by the change in financial circumstances over the past 15 years. We also hope to help equip as all to deal with the new realities of managing our finances well – setting us back on solid ground again! Some key themes dealt with in the programmes:

  • Money is a great tool in people’s hands that can be used wisely
  • Proper management of money affects all our lives
  • Hear the stories of how money has impacted peoples’ lives
  • What are the tools we need and the issues that need to be addressed?
  • We can have a bright future, it is in our hands
  • Lessons to be learned from peoples’ successes and peoples’ failures
  • If we need help—it’s available.

Other services & websites mentioned in the programmes:

  1. MABs click for the website or call 0761 072000
  2. Insolvency Service of Ireland
  3. Saint Vincent De Paul
  4. Crown Financial Ministries

Other Helpful links: Debt Payoff Calculator