Sara Groves is a professional singer/songwriter, having just released her 10thalbum, “Invisible Empires.” Her husband, Troy, is also a talented musician, as well as her manager. They have three young children, and as you can imagine, life is very, very, busy! Add to all that, Troy & Sara completely a successful music-tour of the U.K.

Our own Roger Basick had a chance to catch up with them while they were in Belfast for this special edition of–called, “Crisis, Counseling, and Caring for Modern Day Slaves.”

They described how counseling has helped their marriage keep growing. We also hear some of the stories behind her songs. And we wrapped up the discussion hearing dabout their heart for the “modern-day abolitionist movement.” Think slavery is a thing of the past? Far from it! Sara will tell us more, and ways that we can all make a difference.

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