The final step into independent living and going off to College or University is a big one. Both parent and child have adjustments to make. Parents have to let go and it is then that a young adult gets their opportunity to make their own mark on life.In the end, parents who make it intact this far, deserve a great ‘high-five’! You will spend more of life ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with your adult child, than you did raising them! So, enjoy your freedom too!
Some topics discussed are:

  • Children are adults in the making and we should remember this as the time approaches for them to ‘leave home’
  • We must give them ‘roots’ and ‘wings’
  • Giving them independence and the skills to cope with life and its challenges is a key job for a parent
  • Parents are moving from being ‘decision-makers’ to ‘advisors’
  • Help them make the transition and keep in touch with them as they branch out
  • Release your child, take a bow and enjoy the journey