Single parents have given us their tips for making Christmas a
more pleasurable experience for you and your children.

1. Get organised
It can be hard to do it on your own, but if you can prepare
in advance you will find Christmas Day will run much more
smoothly. I find it helpful to make a ‘to do’ list. I can then cross
out what I’ve done which gives me a great sense of achievement.
– Paula

2. Don’t make it a Christmas for crooks
Sadly, thieves and burglars don’t have a holiday at Christmas.
Homes full of presents and food are tempting targets. Make
sure your presents can’t be seen through the window, and lock
the house even if you’re only popping out for a minute. – Sue

3. Try not to spend the day on your own
If the children are with the other parent, invite some friends
round and have a film night, maybe with special snacks. But
remember to invite people in advance or you may find they are
doing other things. – Jon

4. Have a pyjama day
Spend the day in your pyjamas, and only get dressed if you all
want to go outside. Have a picnic tea sitting on the tablecloth
on the floor. As it gets dark, snuggle up together and either read
or tell Christmas stories by candlelight. – Chris

5. Remember, dish washing is a family affair
Don’t just do all the washing-up yourself while the family lazes
in front of the television. Get them to lend a hand – or better
still, get them to do it while you sit with your feet up. – Joe

With thanks to Care for the Family UK