We can all relate to the fairy tales that tell of two strangers who see each other across a crowded room. In a moment, they catch each others’ gaze. Cupid shoots his arrow. The unseen “tractor beam” draws them to each other. They don’t have to say a word. They don’t even have to know each others’ name. Because it is… without a doubt…“love at first sight!”  And they live happily ever after. Right???

  • Resource mentioned: Book: “Emotions: Can You Trust Them?” by Dr.James Dobson

  • Chemistry Doesn’t Always Mean Destiny!
  • Is it love or just infatuation?
  • How can romantic feelings be wrong when they feel so right?Emotions: Can You Trust Them? explains the differences between love that lasts–and mere feelings. Don’t be at the mercy of your emotions, learn to make wise choices based on the Word of God.

Emotions: Can You Trust Them? by Dr.James Dobson

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  • Listen to the conversations we’ve had on these subjects:
  1. Is it better to marry the wrong person rather than stay single and lonely?
  2. Does living together before marriage give you a better chance of staying together?
  3. Does true love mean you never argue or fight?
  4. Love at first sight–fact or fiction?
  5. Sticking together when life threatens to tear you apart