Kids face enormous pressures and must make critical choices in their teen years – especially in regards to alcohol and drug use. Sadly many parents find themselves unprepared or ill-equipped to help steer their kids away from harmful attitudes and behaviours. That’s where How to DrugProof Your Kids® comes in…

The Concept 

As parents most of us would love to somehow ‘drug proof’ our children. Not to closet them away, but to empower them to make wise, healthy choices as they encounter the many temptations laid before them.How to Drug Proof Your Kids® was created in response to the needs of parents, as they deal with the very real and complex issues of alcohol and other drugs. While the issue is complex and there can be no one simple solution, there is good news!

Can I really drug proof my kids? If you mean, “Can I stop my child from trying tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs?”, the answer is NO. But if you mean, “Is there any way I can influence  the choices my child makes?”, the answer is YES Parents are the key! 

Research clearly shows that the most influential ways to steer children and young people away from harmful alcohol and drug use is a healthy family environment. Where parents and their children have deep and loving relationships, with lots of meaningful communication, it can reduce the risks for their children. DPYK concentrates on the important role a parent, or significant caregiver, can play in reducing the risk of harmful drug use. It also gives the skills and knowledge that will help children to make good choices.

With an emphasis on prevention, DPYK is designed to:

  • Give you a realistic overview of drug use in society and its related harm
  • Provide you with an understanding of protective factors and the role they play in helping to steer your children and young people clear of harmful alcohol, and other drug use
  • Help you strengthen your influence in areas such as wellbeing and communication, and learn how to respond to issues such as alcohol use
  • Equip you with skills and plans that will influence your children’s choices
  • Show how your own beliefs, attitudes and behaviours about alcohol and other drugs can influence your children
  • Provide you with a sense of community-based support
The Radio Series

Taking the content of the training materials, a number of Ireland’s “How to Drug Proof Your Kids” Trainers and Facilitators discussed the course in the context of real life stories and situations.

Contributors include:

Stephen Cardy: Presenter – Director of
Mervyn Nutley: former Director of Focus on the Family Ireland, DPYK Factilitator Trainer
Paul Mangan: DPYK Facilitator since 2008
Dale Stagg: C.E.O. Reach Beyond Australia
Heather Walsh: co-presenter – former Chairman on Focus on the Family Ireland
Ger Shanahan: co-presenter

The Training Course 

We hold Facilitator Training events packed with inspiration and tools to successfully deliver the programme in your local community. This training will equip you will all the tools and materials you need to run this six-session course for parents in your local community.

The six sessions are: 

  1. Parenting Through Prevention
  2. Building a Strong Foundation
  3. Creating Integrity & Responsibility
  4. Communication & Participation
  5. Creating a Safe Network & Peace of Mind
  6. Recognition & Affirmation

To register your interest in holding a training course in your area, ring us on 061 396 123 or email us