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Public Debate

There was a clear and compelling debate on the last hour of the Late Late Show last Friday. What is clear is that
– On the Retain side, there are compelling arguments – principally

  • repeal = NO RIGHT TO LIFE – NO HUMAN RIGHTS for the BABY
  • repeal = a lot of HURTING MOTHER‘s afterwards
  • repeal = Trust POLITICIANS with a blank-cheque for all future Legislation
  • repeal = WIDESPREAD abortion in Ireland (In the UK – abortions rose 500% in the first five years (1968 @ 22k -> 1972 @ 108k)

– On the Repeal side – there is no care or consideration given to the baby and the baby’s welfare or well-being. Their conversation is entirely about the mother. Purchasing and taking the abortion pill from the internet – is happening as widely in the UK as it is in Ireland.

While there are number of difficult types of cases – this is not what is being addressed – but it is what the Repeal Side are talking about.
The USA and UK Statistics show that between 2% and up to 3% of cases fall within the hard-case / medical related issues leading to abortion. Thus, 97%-98% of abortions are NOT for these reasons.

2016 – Irish Women having abortions in UK = 3,265, where these statistics come from, would mean

  • if 3% of abortions are “hard-cases” = 98 cases
  • 97% – of abortions are for ‘social reasons’ = 3,165 cases. These are what the Doctors and Obstetricians call HEALTHY BABIES being borne by HEALTHY IRISH MOTHERS.
  • If the Referendum is passed and we follow the 500% growth that the UK did in 1968-72, then likely as not 15-16,000 healthy Irish Babies a year may be being aborted in Ireland by 2025, and a similar proportion of Irish mothers (and farther’s) who will live to regret those decisions.

Let’s not go there ….

The most compelling and credible witness

Sr Consilio – Founder of Cuan Mhuire 

Repeal of right to life ‘profoundly unjust’ – 100 lawyers

Last evening, I sat beside my own mother (also a midwife, now aged 96) for about a half hour, in her room. Little was said or needed to be said. Her impact upon our family and her grandchildren has been immense.

I was honoured to sit a listen to Sr Consilio speaking in Tralee, over a year ago, about her life and journey, caring for women and mothers who had been caught in addiction. She had given everything for those she took in and cared for. Just like my own mother, and my wife’s mother.

When these ‘elder-statesmen” spoke – we listened. Especially the grandchildren.

So when Sr Consilio spoke out this week – I listened. You can hear her comments here

Doctors for Life

I saw Dr Andrew O Regan on you-tube this week and on the Doctors For Life website you can pick up on what he said at the Conference

GP Led Service (yikes!) 
It is not the case stated by the Minister, and it has come as a shock to many GP’s. Dr Andrew O’Regan’s Presentation on Saturday week, can be found here

Conscientious Objection
This also will progressively become a very contentious and fraught area for those in the medical profession, as freedom of conscience is increasingly being denied all over the world.
Another significant reason – to vote NO in the referendum ….

The 8th Amendment and Medical Care Conference. 

The Sanctity of Human Life –Radio Programme Podcasts – Real Stories 

This week’s (Final) Programme includes stories of families who are living with Special Needs, and how the presence of such people, has made our society and communities much more caring and connected.

In this Final Programme of this six-part series, the subtitle is,”Your Life Matters to Me: You’re Such a Blessing!” We explore the following topics:

  • We hear the honest to God, real life stories of how society is benefiting from being more caring due to the presence of people with special needs.
  • Robert and Rosemary tell their remarkable story of their daughter Lisa–the struggles, challenges, joys and victories.
  • Some sibling comments, and a charge to parents of kids with special needs.

Click here to access and listen to these Programmes.

Click on the picture below to listen to this Programme, or click here to download a podcast of the Programme
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Till next week – every blessing to you and your family


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