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Ep.5 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-2The subtitle of today’s programme is, “What Might Be the Impact of an Abortion?”

  • We’ll look thoughtfully into the impact that abortion can have upon women. We’ll hear a real-life story, as well as some anecdotal evidence.
  • We’ll also look at situations of abortion regret, the wounded soul; and how some have found hope and healing.
  • The hidden pain of Ireland: the symptoms of abortion regret.

Ep.4 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-4The subtitle of today’s programme is, “I’m So Glad You Are Here With Me.” We’ll hear:

  • A mixture of stories regarding the people with special needs around us,
  • The comparisons between Ireland and the UK regarding abortion
  • The story of Tina, who at 18 found herself pregnant and alone–yet she went on to raise her son (who is now a dad himself).
  • Compelling, real-life stories of how families with people who have special needs have profoundly benefited by having them in their family.

Ep.2 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-5Today’s programme is called, “Safe Ireland: A Land of Hope.”

We explore:

  • How safe is Ireland when it comes to receiving good care and having a baby?
  • The impact that abortion has one women,
  • And we’ll hear from three mums who’ve raised children with special needs.

Alive and Living in Ireland: The Sanctity and Value of Human Life


Our six-part series deals covers a wide spectrum of topics dealing with the sanctity and value of human life.

During the course of these programmes you’re going to hear from a number of families, including the stories of single mothers raising their children. We’ll hear how they’ve coped, along with remarkable insights and compelling stories of the priceless value that children with special needs are to their families and their communities.

We’ll talk with others who have had to cope with loss– either through natural death or through abortion, along with a Professional Psychotherapist about abortion regret and recovery.

We’ll also ask a question that seems to have come under scrutiny in the past several years: “Just how safe IS Ireland is to have a child?

And, finally, you’ll hear some thoughts on the sanctity of human life and the legal infrastructure in Ireland.

“The Drop Box” Film

In western society, even human life can become a commodity, to be disposed of at will. In support of our commitment to the sanctity of human life, in 2016 we introduced another film in Ireland called “The Drop Box”:

“The Drop Box” film tells the story of compelling courage of a South Korean man who has been rescuing and saving the lives of many unwanted babies over the years.

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Ultrasounds – God-given Technology

God-given Technology


Lives are saved every day by ultrasounds.

by Susan Graham Mathis

You dont have to sugar coat it. The facts dont lie. Its a baby! sonographer Tim says as told how he came to volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center and what it means to him.

While Tim was in training, a mother intended to have an abortion, even with the ultrasound information. It ripped me up. She was going to kill her baby! Tim recalls. After that he decided to volunteer at the PRC to provide the truth and promote life. In this setting, he often experiences the rewards of ultrasound technology.

An ultrasound is a presentation of reality. Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby echo in the parents memory, no matter what they choose, Tim says. Most often, a mum who sees her baby will recognise that its more than just tissue.

Fathers in similar situations also understand the truth about life. Bill, a member of the military, was sent overseas not long after he married Rachel. Shortly after he returned, Rachel became pregnant. Worried about her age (40) and financial struggles, she went to the PRC with a pro-abortion mind-set. A counselor suggested that Rachel and her husband come back for an ultrasound, and when they returned, they saw their baby.

Bill remembers, “When we heard the heartbeat and saw the baby, I felt nervous, scared, happy and elated. I can’t see how someone could say it’s a blob of tissue. It’s part of you, starting to grow.

Revealing truth

A large majority of women who come to the PRC are pro-abortion, says Cindy, a nurse at the center. They dont think they have a choice aside from abortion. So we give them the truth and help them understand that they have other options. We give them information so they can look at abortion realistically instead of seeing it as a quick fix. They wont get the information they need in an abortion clinic.

One of the most unusual experiences that Cindy encountered was when a mother who recently had an abortion came in to the PRC. She was pregnant. Cindy called the abortion clinic and verified that the woman had undergone a surgical abortion at eight weeks. But when the PRC had an ultrasound done, it showed a healthy 18-week baby. The abortion had failed, so the woman decided to keep the baby. I believe God hid that baby from the abortionist, Cindy says.
Saving lives

Unfortunately, many mothers see their pregnancy as a crisis. For instance, Jackie became pregnant while separated from her husband. When the husband found out, he demanded she get an abortion.

I was against abortion, but I was told it was just a blob of tissue, Jackie says. So I set up an appointment for an abortion. A few days before [the appointment], I had an ultrasound. When I saw that Sarah was a healthy little baby and watched a video on what they do in an abortion, I couldnt go through with it. I couldnt kill a human being, especially my daughter!

When mothers see and hear their babies through the technology of ultrasound, nearly 90 percent of the babies are spared. Having immediate access to ultrasound saves many babies. The visual experience of bonding with her baby stays with a mother and brings reality to her, Cindy says. Its a tool of life.

DeeAnn, another nurse at the PRC, says, “On an ultrasound, I can see a little baby’s personality at eight weeks [in the womb]. Sometimes you can see the baby waving, doing somersaults and things like that. And you can see a woman’s mind change as she views that little life. The woman realizes there’s a live being inside her. [Ultrasound] is a lifesaving wonder.

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Teen Mum-Awaiting the Transformation

 Awaiting the Transformationby Tricia Goyer

Sometimes I wish God would let me see a preview of how the ways I give, serve and love will one day pay off. Such a preview would have been helpful when I first met Kayleigh. I was volunteering at our local pregnancy resource center when her mum brought her in. At 15, Kayleigh had recently given birth to her first child.

Bad first impression

It’s easy to judge people based on their behaviour. From the first moment we meet someone, we label his or her actions. Good or bad. Challenging or trouble-free. In Kayleigh’s case, she demanded lifts to the teen-mum support group I’d invited her to. She picked out the best for her baby without a please or thank you. She clashed with other teen mums, talked instead of listened and continued a promiscuous relationship with her boyfriend. It wasn’t long before she was pregnant again. You can imagine my judgments about her.

Thankfully, God saw Kayleigh’s potential when I could not. In fact, as I turned to God about her thorny personality, He showed me what He saw: a young woman hurt by everyone she loved, but a bud He hoped to bloom into a rose.

A hint of change

God first gave me a glimpse of Kayleigh’s changing heart one night when one of the other mentors asked Kayleigh why she and Nathan weren’t married. Even though they were only 18, they’d been together three years and had two children.

“I’ve always dreamed of a Cinderella wedding,” Kayleigh said. “Nathan works every evening after school and on the weekends, but there’s never enough money.”

“Is that all? We can help you with that,” I blurted out before I had time to weigh my offer.

The very next week Kayleigh invited herself over to work on wedding plans. Together, we picked her colors, designed and printed invitations, and created rice bags with tulle. Later, I was with her when she tried on dresses.

The other support-group mentors got involved as well. We bought and prepared food, made bouquets, fixed hair, painted nails and set up chairs on the big day. One mentor photographed the wedding and gave the prints to the couple as a gift.

My husband performed the ceremony in the middle of a flower garden on a beautiful summer day. The bride glowed, the groom couldn’t stop smiling, and I sensed God’s pleasure.

Thorns and all

I discovered that the more I cared for Kayleigh, the more she loved back. The more time I spent with her, the more I noticed wonderful qualities I’d overlooked.

Feeling safe and cared for, Kayleigh began to bloom. The crowning moment of Kayleigh’s transformation came a month later. Now living as man and wife, the young couple felt comfortable attending church, and they dedicated their lives to Christ.

Now, it’s hard to remember Kayleigh as she used to be. She is a beautiful woman who calls me Mum—a child of my heart.

A preview would have helped during the frustrating times when Kayleigh’s changes were too small to notice. It would have given me encouragement to know that in five years, Kayleigh would be a dedicated Christian, a loving wife and mother to three great children. It would have encouraged me to know that the troubled teen would later be one of my closest friends and to see that she’d become a compassionate person who prays that her family and friends will discover what she’s found.

God transforms one life at a time. How do I know? I’ve seen it through Kayleigh. I also know because I’ve experienced it in my own broken past. Each of the descriptors I would have originally given Kayleigh could have been used on me. Like Kayleigh, I had my first baby in secondary school. Like Kayleigh’s, my flaws were easier to see than my potential. And like Kayleigh, I found a group of women who reached out to me, thorns and all, and showed me what the love of Jesus is all about.

Worthy of the wait

When I first worked as a volunteer in a pregnancy resource center, my aim was to save babies. These days, I’ve also become pro-life about the other people God puts in my path.

Even though I couldn’t have foreseen the blooming of Kayleigh, God has reminded me of the value of every person. Even if they don’t turn around, the “difficult” people are worthy of our attention. The teen mum. The troublemaker at church. The rebellious teenager. The family member whom no one wants to deal with.

God has a plan for every person we label “difficult.” We may be privileged to watch God’s plan unfold or be present when a new believer enters God’s family. Or we may just be the ones asked to love, care, give and serve with no guarantee of transformation.

God doesn’t give us previews. I think it’s because He not only wants us to love those who will transform but also those who might never change. He knows that when we give, love and serve, changes do happen—mainly within us.

How to Mentor Teens

  • Find ways to serve teens. Develop relationships by working in your church’s youth group, leading a Bible study or sponsoring a mission trip.
  • Be available to young mums through a maternity home or the crèche at your church.
  • Get involved with a pregnancy resource center.