Secure Daughters Confident Sons

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Raising healthy and well adjusted boys & girls to become mature men and women does not happen by accident. It requires understanding of your child's uniqueness, then applying what you've learned with patience and diligence. It’s a ‘work’ worthy of our best!Men and women are different. To think otherwise is to do our children a great disservice  in raising them. In these programmes we will be discussing the importance of a clear understanding of the qualities and unique traits that he as a male or she as a female possess. Knowing some of the key characteristics of a boy or a girl, and how they differ helps us raise them healthy.
 The journey to manhood and womanhood is a very real journey, and our sons and daughters are on it. Being an engaged parent makes a world of a difference in their lives.
There are specific ways, attitudes & skills that engaged parents can use to help their child make this transition to healthy adult. Go for it parents!

Episode 2-Secure Daughters-Confident Sons

_Our culture

Boys and girls tend to see the world differently; but in computer terms: is that a “software” issue; or a “hardware” issue? In other words, do boys think differently because of because of external programming from society? Or is it “hard-wired”?

While men and women are equal—they’re definitely not the same! The sooner we recognise that, the sooner we can begin helping our girls and boys to grow up into secure and confident women and men.

Episode 1-Secure Daughters-Confident Sons

How do we develop from childhood to

What would you say that young people in Ireland today are lacking? Someone who wasn’t “clued in” to the culture might say, “It doesn’t look like they’re missing anything! They have more education, more material possessions, more rights than ever before.”

But you know, just below the surface, there are a few key qualities that seem to be in increasingly short supply. Despite so much going for them: many young women are insecure—while many young men have a severe lack of confidence.  Listen to what the research reveals on Episode 1 of “Secure Daughters-Confident Sons”!