Responsible Kids: From How? to Wow!

You may wonder: Will my kids ever cop on? Encouraging good and positive self image, you can help them navigate the growing up years, from infancy, through teens into adulthood. If we learn, understand, and make improvements – we can raise not only well-adjusted children; but also responsible adults!  
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Responsible Kids Episode 5. Roadtesting the Image – Parenting Teenagers

Help your teen become a responsibleIn this final episode of “Responsible Kids: From How?…to Wow!”: Sometimes the temptation is to just to kind of “take our hands off the wheel” when our kids become teenagers… as we can feel at times as if we’re not needed or wanted. But we’re still a vital influence in our kids’ lives…whether they express that or not!

Responsible Kids Episode 4. Creating and Strengthening the Image

Birth to 5 yrs =-1If you have kids in your care between 6 to 12 years of age, you’ll want to listen for some tips in navigating what’s been called, “The Blunder Years!”

In this episode of “Responsible Kids: From How to Wow!” We’ll explore the fact that how kids react to us as parents is often different than it was; and likewise, how we respond to them should be different as well.

Responsible Kids Episode 3. Dealing with the Feelings Factor

Feelings factor spaced-1When it comes to communicating with our kids—we need to take into account that they often have emotions they might not be able to express very clearly; but feelings are a two-way street!

In this episode of “Responsible Kids: From How to Wow,” we’ll think about the fact that as parents as caregivers, we have emotions too! And sometimes, our own feelings get in the way—perhaps especially when dealing with teenagers…

Responsible Kids Episode 2. The crucial difference between Praise and Encouragement

_Sit there on one of those benches andIn this episode of “Responsible Kids: From How to Wow,” we look at the difference between “perfection” and “excellence”; and also the difference between “praise” and “encouragement”… but let’s be honest, sometimes our kids don’t give us a lot to work with!

But there are plenty of examples of how “failures” have actually proven to be a catalyst that helped motivate people to go on to great success!

Responsible Kids Episode 1. Remembering the background – Principles in raising healthy children

Responsible Kids-FB title pageWe won’t always be there with our kids for every decision they’ll face in life; but we do want them to remember the wisdom we’ve hopefully instilled in them!

Tune in for this first of our 5-part radio series called, “Responsible Kids: From How…to Wow!”