Prepare for a Great Wedding Day

Preparing for a Great Wedding Day Prepare for a Great Wedding Day: And an Even Better Life After!
We’ve probably all seen similar statistics in Ireland:
  • The divorce rate has risen...
  • Cohabitation is increasingly a preferred option...and,
  • The ages in which people are getting married has increased.
However, despite much of the “bad press,” Recent research (compiled by Margaret Fine-Davis, Trinity College Dublin), indicates that marriage is still an aspiration for a large majority of the Irish population. And when people do marry, they want to make a success of it. But many people are often unprepared for many of the challenges along the way. As you may very well know: When individuals come together--ideals, expectations, families, and cultures— sometimes collide!J Throughout this four-part series, we meet a wide variety of individuals and couples who will tell their stories. From those who are still looking forward to their wedding day—to those who “tied the knot” decades ago! We’ll hear from some who married across denominations and cultures. And, joining us along the way--some marriage counsellors, and other professionals, who will help us examine various aspects of married life in Ireland today. So we hope you’ll stay with us, as we hear of some of the trials—and triumphs. We’ll think about how to avoid some of the common pitfalls and tensions. And overall, we hope you’ll find hope that your marriage can indeed go the distance!

Ep1 of 4 – Prepare for a Great Wedding Day-Podcast

What do you think will be the biggestIn this episode, meet four couples who are preparing for marriage. They’ll tell us what they anticipate will be some of the biggest challenges they’ll face in the years ahead.Stephen Cardy also welcomes the chairman of Alpha Marriage Ireland. He’ll share some real-life stories that hopefully will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls in marriage. There’s some great information for you no matter where you are in the journey. But if the wedding day is still ahead of you, you’ll definitely want to listen in!

Ep2 of 4 – Prepare for a Great Wedding Day-Podcast

In this episode, Stephen Cardy welcomes the representative of Relationship Central Ireland, (as well as Alpha Marriage Ireland), Alan Morris; and we welcome another couple who is “going the distance!” They provide marriage counselling on a regular basis, and they’ll share some of the horror stories they’ve seen in the course of wedding preparation—as well as how to avoid having a horror story of your own!:)

Ep3 of 4 – Prepare for a Great Wedding Day-Podcast

In this episode, we introduce you to some couples who’ve been married for more than 15 years—some much more than that! We’ll ask them to reflect upon some of the challenges they’ve encountered—and the lessons learned.  In addition, we’ll hear from some marriage counsellors who will help reveal some more keys to a great marriage—and a great life!

Ep4 of 4 – Prepare for a Great Wedding Day-Podcast

In this epiosde, we hear from a number of couples who exchanged their vows well over 15 years ago. As all of the couples indicated, life together can have some unexpected bends!

If you’re still in the “planning stages” for marriage: No matter how well you prepare, some of those twists & turns just can’t be anticipated. But some things are actually predictable—especially when it comes to our brain chemistry and hormones. Let’s think about some of those issues, and discover some more keys to a great marriage—and a great life!