Marriage … How to make it work

Marriage... How to make it work is an open and honest discussion about married life with Stephen Cardy, Heather Walsh and Life FM's Anna Daly. In June 2010 this special programme was recorded before a live studio audience. Topics covered include:
  • Preparing for marriage
  •  The challenges of keeping love alive
  • Keeping tenderness in your life
  • Conflict!
  • Developing and maintaining intimacy in marriage
There's also a question & answer session with the audience. If you or someone you know wants to build a stronger healthier marriage, make sure to listen to these open and and honest discussions. And if you'd like to find out how to host a live event like this on marriage and/or parenting in your area, please contact us!

Craol Awards 2010  craol logo

In October 2010, Life FM in Cork won 3 CRAOL Achievement Awards, at the Annual Awards Ceremony in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin. CRAOL is the Community Radio Forum of Ireland.

Episode 2-Marriage – How to Make It Work

Does true love meannever having to say _I'm

“Building & Maintaining Intimacy”

In episode 2 of this live event, hear more of the questions from the studio audience:

  • What would they say to a couple who is separated? And,
  • What does it mean to “fight fair”?

Find out the answers to those questions and more!