We cannot deny the humanity of our unborn babies

The Miracle of Life

During our presentations this week, this video was played. It is so beautiful, describing the growth journey a baby takes during the nine months of pregnancy. I think you’ll like it. ….

(click here to run the video from YouTube)
This is the Medical Alliance for the 8th website.

They simply comment on the value of the 8th Amendment. (Click here to bring you to their site)

Medical Alliance for the 8th

Opposite is a link to the website of Medical Alliance for the 8th. As you can see they make compelling reading – especially for Health Professionals.
They also address the issue of Conscientious Objection, and how important an issue this is, and how difficult it could make life in health-care in Ireland if the 8th Amendment is repealed.

Dr Siobhan Crowley speaks briefly in this YouTube clip on the humanity of the Unborn baby (Click here to see)

Dont Ever Give Up! 

This is the week of the RESURRECTION! It is a week for Christians to remember, celebrate, and look up – to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in HEAVEN, WHO is taking this journey with us, and HE is our SOURCE of Strength, and Helps us when we are weak.

I am sure that HE is Helping us on our journey in these days, and will Help us

Click on the icon below. You will see how great the support of a father can be, and I am always moved by this heroic story of a father and son crossing the line together.

It reminded me of a fathers love shown by Dr Billy Graham to his daughter, which she told at his funeral last week. (click here to see it)

We are still travelling – Rally-Cry-Meetings 

  • Drogheda – Wednesday 28th March
  • Wexford – Tuesday 3rd April
  • Bray – Thursday 5th April

Please do get in touch if you would like to come to the Rally Cry Meetings being hosted locally, where Nick Park of Evangelical Alliance, one of the Pro-Life-Campaign Team and myself are speaking together on the value of the 8th Amendment and how you can get involved

Also, PLEASE – Come out and join us at the Pro-Life Rally’s – Stand-Up for Life

These are being organised by the Pro-Life-Campaign / Love-Both, and can be a powerful statement in our Regions of our support for the Pro-Life Message. You can Register for these events by clicking here

Get involved

Till next week – every blessing to you and your family

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