Waves of Grace: The Story of John Newton

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If you’ve been to County Donegal, you may have seen the signs that say, “Amazing Grace Country.” And while the scenery on the coast is absolutely stunning, it’s actually a reference to what’s been labeled, “the most-recorded song,”–Amazing Grace”–written by John Newton.

Like many other young men, John Newton was pressed into service in the Royal Navy against his will. He was able to escape once; but was recaptured. He was returned to the ship and flogged with 96 lashes; but possibly even more hurtful to him was the loss of respect from both his family—and the love of his life–Polly.

Through a series of events, he was transferred to a slave ship. It was just one of a series of events that led him into a life of debauchery and evil. As we’ll hear, calling himself a “wretch” barely scratches the surface.

We’re honoured to present a special condensed version of, “Waves of Grace: The Story of John Newton” from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. (original audio CD is over 2 1/2 hours in length!)

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We’re honoured to partner with Ruth Garvey-Williams and our friends at the Amazing Grace Initiative in Donegal! Find out more about the story, the song, Lough Swilly, and the annual Amazing Grace Festival in Buncrana: