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It is beyond any doubt now that there is widespread support for the 8th Ammendment. There are challenges to be faced ahead. Yet – we are united in VALUING the bulwark of the 8th Ammendment – which the Supreme Court ruled last week, is the only legal defense the unborn child has.
Sadly, that defense is needed against the wishes and intent of the Government of his country. It is a very good reason why we must VOTE NO and not hand over responsibility to politicials – who by their actions deny even the existence of the life of the unborn baby. They clearly cannot be trusted with the responsibility to act in the best interests of the most vulnerable of all people – the unborn children of Ireland.

Well done to all 100,000+ who attended the Rally for Life in Dublin last Saturday and for the great event that it was.

Speaking with colleagues afterwards – it was clear that the Rally was conducted in the right spirit and was widely supported across the whole spectrum of society. Thanks you for making the effort to be there.

Thank you for your great support and willingness to GET OUT THERE and make your voice heard and your views known.

Doctors for Life Ireland

I am enclosing a link to the website of Doctors for Life Ireland – whose content on their site includes a
Presentation made by Dr Deirdre Gleeson on “The 8th Amendment and Medical Care” (in Ireland).
It makes compelling reading.
These are experts who presented to the Citizens Assembly.
Their site really warrants a visit
(Click icon opposite)

The Start of Life 

Latest Research has shown that there is a ‘flash of light’ (zinc particles!) emitted when the process of new life begins
Click on the icon opposite to see a brief YouTube video describing this.

There can be no doubt that LIFE is HAPPENING, and science has been able to show that at the point of CONCEPTION, from which point DNA is formed of the new person (not the mother, nor the father, but a new person) – That new person is starting their journey, which only ends when they die.

We are on the Road again 

  • Kilkenny – Wednesday 14th
  • Celbridge – Thursday 15th
  • Dundalk – Sunday 18th
  • Inchicore – Tuesday 20th
  • Redcross – Wednesday 21st
  • Bray – Thursday 22nd – TBC
  • Ballyfermot – Friday 23rd
  • Drogheda – TBA

Please do get in touch if you would like to come to the Rally Cry Meetings being hosted locally, where Nick Park of Evangelical Alliance, one of the Pro-Life-Campaign Team and myself are speaking together on the value of the 8th Ammendment and how you can get involved

Get involved

Till next week – every blessing to you and your family

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