Radio Magazine Edition 014

On Edition 14 of “ Radio Magazine”: (click here to listen to the podcast)

  • Just because finances have changed—that doesn’t mean life is over! But for some people; the burdens may just feel too heavy to bear. Stay tuned for some more words of hope.
  • And: With anything that causes damage—we need to seek both healing; as well as prevention! The team will help us realise how widespread the problems are; and we’ll begin to look at how to safeguard the kids in your care through prevention– to find “Freedom From Bullying!
  • And in our third segment: We’ll think about some of the challenges of raising young girls with the realities of social media, along with the influence of pornography throughout Ireland today.

For more information on some of the subjects covered:

  1.  Radio Series: “My Finances: Solid Ground…or Sinking Sand?”
  2. Radio Series: “Freedom From Bullying”
  3. Radio Series: “Girls Uncovered” 

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