Protecting The Lives Of The Next Generation Of Human Beings

This is a Life and Death Issue

There is no getting around it. The life of a human being is at stake, when an abortion is being considered.

This is the most fundamental issue in this debate – i.e. is the unborn child a human being?

– if your answer is YES – then how you treat that person – is a profoundly important issue. All your subsequent actions will demonstrate your respect for the dignity of this human life, formed in the image of God.

– if your answer is NO – then, in your view, at what stage do they become a ‘human being’ ? what changes them into a human being ? – at what stage in their development. ?

Click on the picture to see the YouTube Video of the month by month development of a baby in the womb

Doctors speak about the development of a baby up to 12 weeks

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Last week, we featured an Article in the Irish Times in which Professor Eamonn Mc Guinness commented upon the 8th Amendment, and some myth’s that needed to be challenged.

In this YouTube Video, Prof Mc Guinness and a number of Consultant Obstetricians and GP’s speak about the humanity of the unborn child, and what the child is like at 12 weeks.

The Sanctity of Human Life – Radio Programme Podcasts 

Last week we mentioned that a core value for us is the Sanctity of Human Life, and this is why we created these radio programmes.
They can now only be accessed on line to listen to or as podcasts and sharing with others. Click here to access and listen to these Programmes.

In the Fourth Programme of this six-part series, (this week) the subtitle of this programme is,”I’m So Glad You Are Here With Me” We explore the following topics:

  • The comparisons between Ireland and the UK regarding abortion
  • The story of Tina, who at 18 found herself pregnant and alone–yet she went on to raise her son (who is now a dad himself).
  • Compelling, real-life stories of how families with people who have special needs have profoundly benefited by having them in their family.
Click on the picture below to listen to this Programme, or click here to download a podcast of the Programme

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Doctors care for both of their patients

Click on image to see YouTube Video

In this brief YouTube video (2mins) Consultants and GP’s discuss healthcare in Ireland and the strength of the 8th Amendment’s Protections of the life of the woman and her unborn child.

Ireland v’s England

This young mother contrasts the difference between we Irish and the culture in the UK, where the abortion culture has taken hold.
How different the outcome could be for a mother and her child, if she lived in England.
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On the air this month: Due to the Broadcasting Authorities Guidelines on coverage of the Referendum issues on radio and TV, it is not possible to hear all of our Six-Program Series; “Alive and Living in Ireland” which looks at the important issue of the Sanctity of Human Life and just how precious life is. They can be heard by clicking on the links above

Stations have moved across to the alternate Programmes of Birth Order – The Impact upon Family Dynamics

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