Protecting Human Rights – Come out and show your support

Taking Away their Human Rights

I was reminded of the value of Human Rights when watching the film “Selma” over the weekend, about Dr Martin Luther King’s fight in 1965, a year after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Price, and a year before his assassination, where people marched for the Human Rights of black people in Selma, Alabama – seeking the right to vote.

Our Government are seeking in this Referendum – to TAKE AWAY the HUMAN RIGHTS of unborn children, as the Supreme Court ruled last month, that other than the 8th Amendment, and unborn child in Ireland has NO HUMAN RIGHTS – until they are born.

It is hard to believe that such a PROPOSAL – could ever gain traction in a civilised society

Our Last Week of – Rally-Cry-Meetings 

  • Wexford – Tuesday 3rd April @ 7.30pm – Wexford Christian Community Church
  • Bray – Thursday 5th April @ 7.30pm – Cornerstone Church

Please do get in touch if you would like to come to these Rally Cry Meetings, where Nick Park of Evangelical AllianceMiriam Beattie of the Pro-Life-Campaign Team and myself are speaking together on the value of the 8th Amendment and how you can get involved

The Sanctity of Human Life

A core value for us is the Sanctity of Human Life. This is why in 2016 we made it priority to create compelling content which would speak to this issue clearly and sensibly.
These Programmes can be heard on air and accessed on line as podcasts and sharing with others. Click here to listen.

Children in the womb are the most vulnerable of all human beings, and need us to SPEAK UP FOR THEM and PROTECT THEM

THIS IS A KEY WEEK – PLEASE – Come out and join us at the Pro-Life Rally’s – Stand-Up for Life

These are being organised by the Pro-Life-Campaign / Love-Both, in five major centers this week. They can be a powerful statement in our Regions of our support for the Pro-Life Message. You can Register for these events by clicking here. Please do come to these events and support the Pro-Life cause

Get involved

Till next week – every blessing to you and your family

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On the air this month: We are broadcasting our Six-Program Series; “Alive and Living in Ireland” which looks at the important issue of the Sanctity of Human Life and just how precious life is.

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