ONLY one month left to SAVE the 8th Amendment

Morality and Public Policy

Thankfully, you and I living in Ireland, have a voice and a right to be heard in the setting of Key Issues of Public Policy. A Referendum !

There is no escaping the fact that the Right to Life, enshrined in our Constitution and stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – is an ABSOLUTE.
Without life, no other Rights have any possibility of applying.

In one months time, Irish voters will make a decision which is going to either
– AFFIRM the RIGHT TO LIFE of its most vulnerable and weakest citizens, OR
– TAKE AWAY THAT RIGHT from its most vulnerable citizens


Individually, we all eventually will have to give account for our decision on this, when we are called, in the Courts of Heaven, to account for our life and decisions. There is no escaping this, regardless of one’s belief’s
As a community and society, this coming month, we will hear strong convictions being expressed on both sides, including my own, to influence your decisions on this vital issue. I will be earnestly praying our country will not take the wrong direction, by allowing for the introduction of abortion. If we were to do so, Ireland would be the first country in history – where the people in a Referendum, voted to introduce abortion.
If we keep abortion OUT, we will continue to have a lot of work to do.

Christians of conviction, have a proven track record in terms of IMPROVING HUMAN RIGHTS. Here are prime examples
– William Wilberforce, and the abolition of Slavery
– William Booth and The Salvation Army, in the elimination of child prostitution
– Mother Theresa, and the alleviation of the poverty of children in India
– Martin Luther King in advancing Civil Rights in the southern States of USA

Please, dont delay in getting involved in canvassing and campaigning to continue the HUMAN RIGHTS of UNBORN CHILDREN in Ireland. In one month’s time, the decision will be made. Please GOD – let it be to PROTECT these children, NOT TAKE AWAY their HUMAN RIGHT TO LIFE

Lawyers Speak Out

“The proposal to withdraw the sole existing constitutional right from unborn human beings is “profoundly unjust

Repeal of right to life ‘profoundly unjust’ – 100 lawyers

This week, 100 Lawyers, incl Judges, Barristers, Solicitors and others in the Legal Profession came together and signed a document stating their serious concerns over the Governments proposals to Repeal the 8th Amendment.

You can read further what they had to say and how it was reported in
– the Irish Times
– the Irish Catholic

The Sanctity of Human Life – Radio Programme Podcasts – Real Stories 

This week’s Programme includes the personal story of a young woman who had an abortion in the UK, where she was living at the time and the devastating effect it had upon her life, and her journey in the 12x years since then, when I interviewed her in her home in the west of Ireland.

In the Fifth Programme of this six-part series, (this week) the subtitle of this programme is,”What Might Be the Impact of an Abortion?” We explore the following topics:

  • We’ll look thoughtfully into the impact that abortion can have upon women. We’ll hear a real-life story, as well as some anecdotal evidence.
  • We’ll also look at situations of abortion regret, the wounded soul; and how some have found hope and healing.
  • The hidden pain of Ireland: the symptoms of abortion regret.

Click here to access and listen to these Programmes.

Click on the picture below to listen to this Programme, or click here to download a podcast of the Programme

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Doctors for Life

Here are my highlights from this excellent Conference. The Presentations can be found on their website by clicking here

(1) GP Led Service
It is not the case stated by the Minister, and it has come as a shock to many GP’s. Dr Andrew O’Regan’s Presentation last Saturday, can be found here

(2)  Consultant Psychiatrist – Dr Anne Doherty
There is no evidence that abortion improves the healthcare of women. Evidence of longitudinal studies suggest the opposite. Her presentation can be found here

(3) Consultant Obstetrician(s) – Dr John Monaghan and Dr Trevor Hayes
“Abortion is not ‘Heathcare’ “

The 8th Amendment and Medical Care Conference. 

Get involved

Till next week – every blessing to you and your family


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On the air this month: Due to the Broadcasting Authorities Guidelines on coverage of the Referendum issues on radio and TV, it is not possible to hear all of our Six-Program Series; “Alive and Living in Ireland” which looks at the important issue of the Sanctity of Human Life and just how precious life is. They can be heard by clicking on the links above

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