Last Major Rally This Saturday 12th May 2018 @ 2pm In Dublin’s Merrion Square

Stand Up For Life !  This is it 

Ireland stands on the precipice.
We have the CHOICE
– Step over
(in step with the Government)
– Stand Still 
(stand up for our Christian Principles, that human life matters)
The choice is that simple

One way or another – Ireland will never be the same again afterwards. There are very serious consequences for the outcome – in either case. (We will address these at a later date)

Please, can we ask you to come to the Rally for Life this Saturday. (click on the icon opposite to Register and see more). Your presence matters and your vote matters.

Come out and
Help with the Canvass

With only 17 days left, and momentum building, this is most certainly a defining moment for Irish Society, and our future.
You can play a significant part

Over the past few days, I have been out canvassing door to door. Here is what has been happening : –
– those on the RETAIN / NO side – were glad to see us and welcomed the opportunity to have their deep seated thinking affirmed by the clear information in the literature

– those on the REPEAL / YES side – had mostly made up their minds and no real room for discussion

– the UNDECIDED – when they had the opportunity to hear what we had to say, were willing to listen, andgrasped the enormity of the situation, and they willingly took the information. Most are likely to VOTE NO. Providing them with the right facts and information is crucial

In 3 weeks time, you or I can watch all the TV we want, engage in our favorite pastimes, and work on our favorite hobbies. Canvassing will be over.
So if you’re willing – CONTACT US and join a team in your area to go out as part of an experienced team of canvassers – to reach out to people in your own locality and neighborhood. Every vote matters.

The Pro-Life Campaign – Summarise Key Reasons Very Well
(Click on the picture to read more)

The Facts Speak for Themselves

This is exactly how valuable the 8th Amendment is.

There is no other measure in the Irish Governmental structure saving more lives every year, than the 8th Amendment

Vote NO to keep these PROTECTIONSin place

Get involved
We really need and appreciate your participation with us

Till next week – every blessing to you and your family


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On the air this month: Due to the Broadcasting Authorities Guidelines on coverage of the Referendum issues on radio and TV, it is not possible to hear all of our Six-Program Series; “Alive and Living in Ireland” which looks at the important issue of the Sanctity of Human Life and just how precious life is. They can be heard by clicking on the links above
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