A Week of Big Decisions

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Big Decisions

This is a week of big decisions, which will place a certain complexion on the future of our society for the generation to come. We are most certainly at a cross-roads, as I mentioned last week.
There are two really big decisions this week – One for you and I to make, the other is made by others

(1) The March in Dublin on Saturday 10th – A Decision for You and I – Will you come?

(2) The Supreme Court on the Rights of the Unborn – A Decision by the Judges

Attending last years Rally
@ Merrion Square

Pro-Life March in Dublin This Saturday – 10th March @ 2pm 
Parnell Square to Merrion Square

Will you be there ?

There has been a clear sense of URGENCY leading up to this Rally to “Protect the 8th”. What is clear now from the Judiciary, is that without the 8th Amendment – the unborn will have no Constitutional Protection (YIKES!)

So it is URGENT – that we “RALLY” to protect the unborn – THE MOST VULNERABLE OF ALL HUMANS.
Please dont stay at home – COME. It all matters, and you will be in the best of company – with many others who seek to build a better future for Mothers (and Fathers) and their unborn children.

Get rid of the 8th = Get rid of the Constitutional Right to Life
Only if you are born will you have Constitional Protection
This crystalises the irrefutable value of the 8th Ammendment
The Supreme Court Speaks on the Rights of the Unborn

The seven judges unanimous ruling (today) found that the unborn doesn’t have Constitutional rights other than those afforded in the Eighth Amendment

“The High Court determination that the unborn is a child for the purposes of Article 42A is also reversed,” (Ed – i.e – does not have the Constitutional benefits of being defined as a “child”) Chief Justice Frank Clarke said.

So the Doctrine of the State in it’s Appeal has been upheld – that only once you are born – then you have Constitutional protection. Till then you DONT. Thus Abortion is so easy to justify, as according to this Doctrine – the unborn child is not a ‘person’. If the State has it’s way – abortion on demand is coming. We are asked to trust Politicians with what this definition will mean, forever after.

What the Supreme Court are saying that if Article 40.3.3 is removed – then the right to life is also removed (OUCH!) It certainly crystalises the VALUE and NEED for the 8th AMMENDMENT
By-The-Way. Once a woman’s egg is fertilised, a new DNA is formed from the mother and the father, and new life has begun (a matter I will address in later messages in more detail) – Life has begun …..


Till next week – every blessing to you and your family

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