The Family Project Training Programme

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Thriving families will lead to thriving communities, and thriving communities will transform Ireland. People will find purpose, joy and redemption; and generation after generation will create a positive legacy.


The Family Project Training Programme naturally follows the “Irreplaceable” film, as it’s a 12 session DVD experience for couples or small groups that explores the theological, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings of the traditional family, and combines that information with inspiring stories and practical tools to help 21st-century families thrive.

The Family Project Training Programme also offers a hope-filled, optimistic antidote to the current landscape of familial breakdown, sending a clear message that a return to the time-tested, historical model of the family is where so many of our culture’s wounds begin to heal. It’s designed to develop a new appreciation for why family matters…based on a bigger understanding of who God is in His character and why He created humanity the way He did. Equipped with this information, viewers will also be exposed to a wealth of hands-on tools and resources to help them embrace those values within their own families and pass them along to future generations.

tfp-curriculum-lgThis kit includes 12 small-group study sessions on 3 DVDs with topics ranging from marriage and sexuality, family relationships and how families can thrive and serve God; a DVD with promotional and marketing material, one leader’s guide and one participant’s guide.

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  • Also available: Participant’s Study Guides:

Insightful guide taking participants deeper into the content of The Family Project curriculum through individual study or small group discussion. We recommend 1 per participant.

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Would you like to see a Family Project course “in action” before you commit?
Please do get in touch with us – – to see how a Family Project co-ordinator in your area can engage with you. It may well be that there a course running in your area that you could connect with.