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Kids face enormous pressures and must make critical choices in their teen years – especially in regards to alcohol and drug use. Sadly many parents find themselves unprepared or ill-equipped to help steer their kids away from harmful attitudes and behaviours. That’s where How to DrugProof Your Kids® comes in…

How to DrugProof Your Kids® (DPYK) – the Concept
How to Drug Proof Your Kids® was created in response to the needs of parents, as they deal with the very real and complex issues of alcohol and other drugs.

How to DrugProof Your Kids® (DPYK) – the Radio Series
In September 2012 DPYK was recorded as a series of radio programmes. The course is discussed the context of real life stories and situations.

How to DrugProof Your Kids® (DPYK) – the Training Course  

We hold Facilitator Training events packed with inspiration and tools to successfully deliver the programme in your local community.

Can I really drugproof my kids?

If you mean, “Can I stop my child from trying tobacco,
alcohol or illegal drugs?”, the answer is NO.

But if you mean,
“Is there any way I can influence the choices my child makes?”, the answer is YES.

Listen to … The Hope Story

The true story of a father and son here in Ireland who found freedom from generations of addiction and self-destruction. It’s an amazing story that certainly defies the odds.                                    

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