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At Focus on the Family we have a range of resources to enable you to build up our family and strengthen your relationships. Join our family by registering on our website and we will send you our latest newsletters with valuable tips and hints on how to grow your family. In this section you will find a list of useful articles to help with your parenting challenges.

Never at Home!
Can a teen spend too much time with friends?

"Our teenager has been spending all of his time with friends, and as a result he’s never available to take part in family activities. What should we do?"

Relax. A good portion of your teen’s behaviour is part of a normal developmental process called “separation and individuation.” Between the ages of 6 and 12 a child’s need to identify with his peer group starts to take precedence over his sense of identification with parents and family. This continues through the teen years and usually concludes with complete separation and independence by age 18 or 20. To resist this natural pulling away only hinders growth and creates unnecessary tension in the household.


Support for

Single Parents 

Parenting has many challenges and when you are parening alone those challenges can be even greater.
Our prayer is that these articles will encourage you in your parenting and help you and your children thrive
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How to Deal with Bullying!

Fathers are just as essential to healthy child development as mothers. A father brings unique contributions to the job of parenting a child that no one else can replicate. Following are some of the most compelling ways that a father’s involvement makes a positive difference in a child's life. 

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