Alive and Living in Ireland

aliveandlivingad1_1200x628 Our six-part series deals covers a wide spectrum of topics dealing with the sanctity and value of human life. During the course of these programmes you’re going to hear from a number of families, including the stories of single mothers raising their children. We’ll hear how they’ve coped, along with remarkable insights and compelling stories of the priceless value that children with special needs are to their families and their communities. We’ll talk with others who have had to cope with loss-- either through natural death or through abortion, along with a Professional Psychotherapist about abortion regret and recovery. We’ll also ask a question that seems to have come under scrutiny in the past several years: “Just how safe IS Ireland is to have a child? And, finally, you’ll hear some thoughts on the sanctity of human life and the legal infrastructure in Ireland.

Ep.6 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-3The subtitle of today’s programme is, “Your Life Matters to Me: You’re Such a Blessing!”

  • We hear the honest to God, real life stories of how society is benefiting from being more caring due to the presence of people with special needs.
  • Robert and Rosemary tell their remarkable story of their daughter Lisa–the struggles, challenges, joys and victories.
  • Some sibling comments, and a charge to parents of kids with special needs.

Ep.5 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-2The subtitle of today’s programme is, “What Might Be the Impact of an Abortion?”

  • We’ll look thoughtfully into the impact that abortion can have upon women. We’ll hear a real-life story, as well as some anecdotal evidence.
  • We’ll also look at situations of abortion regret, the wounded soul; and how some have found hope and healing.
  • The hidden pain of Ireland: the symptoms of abortion regret.

Ep.4 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-4The subtitle of today’s programme is, “I’m So Glad You Are Here With Me.” We’ll hear:

  • A mixture of stories regarding the people with special needs around us,
  • The comparisons between Ireland and the UK regarding abortion
  • The story of Tina, who at 18 found herself pregnant and alone–yet she went on to raise her son (who is now a dad himself).
  • Compelling, real-life stories of how families with people who have special needs have profoundly benefited by having them in their family.

Ep.3 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-1The subtitle of today’s programme is,”Keep Your Hopes Up: This is a Great Country!” And we explore:

  • The quality of medical care available in Ireland
  • Nuala’s story of her son Yosef, who has both epilepsy and autism
  • The impact that abortion has on women; and where they can find hope and healing

Ep.2 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

187x109-5Today’s programme is called, “Safe Ireland: A Land of Hope.”

We explore:

  • How safe is Ireland when it comes to receiving good care and having a baby?
  • The impact that abortion has one women,
  • And we’ll hear from three mums who’ve raised children with special needs.

Ep.1 of 6 – Alive and Living in Ireland

ep1_187x109The theme of today’s programme is, “Life is Precious.” Perhaps no one knows the reality of that more—than family members of someone with special needs.